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These Terms of Use are governed by French law. They apply to the use of the website http://www.naturisme-tv.com and to any materials and functionalities accessible from it. Whether you have an account or not on this website, as an individual or a professional, if you use this website, you are deemed to agree to these Terms of Use.

If you access or use the website as a professional, you guarantee Naturisme-tv.com that you hold the rights, authorizations and powers necessary to agree to these Terms of Use in the name of the company, association, partner or any other entity for which you access or use the website and/or create an account. In this case, accessing or using the website signifies your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Naturisme-tv.com can modify these Terms of Use at any time. In this case, the users will be notified of the modifications on the website. Therefore you agree that any access or use of the website after the date of the modifications will signifies your agreement to be bound by these modified Terms of Use.

1. Presentation of the Website Naturisme-TV.com
Naturisme-TV.com is a free website about nudism where the user can watch, access and comment videos. Only the team of Naturisme-TV.com is entitled to post videos on the website. Under the common practices and uses of the internet online advertising can be inserted into the website.

2. Your Intellectual Property
If you subscribed and have an account through which you post your commentaries and pseudonym (“Your Materials”), Naturisme-tv.com has no rights on Your Materials. However, Naturisme-tv.com will check the users’ materials before publication.

Moreover, when Your Materials are made accessible to other users, you agree that they can read and share them with strictly personal purposes free of charge.

3. Our Intellectual Property
The website is our sole property. As a general rule, we give you a free, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right of access and use of the website subject to your acceptance and respect of these Terms of Use. Any other right is expressly excluded without our prior written permission. The materials (other than Your Materials and the materials of other users) on the website or accessible from it such as videos, texts, charts, names, brands, designations, tabs, functionalities, pictures, sounds, data, photos, and any other material or software (“Naturisme-tv.com Materials”) is the sole property of Naturisme-tv.com. It is protected by the law of Intellectual Property and is subject to the applicable laws and regulations.

Under no circumstances can Naturisme-tv.com Materials be in any way downloaded, copied, altered, modified, suppressed, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, sold, hired, granted or used (either whole or in part) without the express written permission of Naturisme-tv.com. You agree not to use Naturisme-tv.com materials to any purposes other than stated in these Terms of Use.
Moreover you are not authorized to modify, improve, edit, translate, decompile, disassemble or create one or several works derived from the Naturisme-tv.com Materials (either whole or in part) except if this possibility has been expressly granted to you by Naturisme-tv.com or by the owners of these materials, within the framework of a separate agreement.

4. Our responsibility
As online publishers we assure that we own the rights to broadcast the different materials published on the website.
All the commentaries posted by the users holding an account are checked before publication.
We guarantee that if the need arise, any obviously illicit material will be withdrawn as soon as we know about it.

5. Your responsibility as a user
You agree not to post insulting, obscene, vulgar, libellous, menacing, sexually oriented messages or more generally any message adverse to the current legislation or liable to harm other persons. You accept unreservedly that Naturisme-tv.com has the right to suppress, edit, remove or block any subject under discussion.

When you create an account which will allow you to “Post a commentary”, you commit yourself to giving accurate information.

You admit that all messages posted on this website express the point of views and opinions of their respective authors and not those of Naturisme-tv.com (except the messages posted by the webmasters).
You are obliged to inform Naturisme-tv.com of any type of obviously illicit materials.

6. Subscription to Naturisme-tv.com
If you want to use the functionalities of the website, you must create an account using the online form. You are free to modify at any moment the personal data given on this occasion in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Charter. Moreover, as a contributor to the website, you must make sure that your personal data allowing to identify you is accurate and complete.

7. Access to your Naturisme-tv.com account
You can access your account by entering your username and password of which privacy you are the sole keeper.
After your subscription you can use the website permanently. We reserve the right to put an end to it at any moment by way of an e-mail without notice. As a general rule non-respect of the present Terms of Use will lead to the immediate and permanent closing of your account.

Finally, in case of non-respect of your obligations regarding your responsibility all the materials you may have posted will be suppressed immediately and without notice, temporarily or permanently, without prejudice to our other rights.

8. Availability of the website
The website is normally accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week except for planned or unplanned interruptions for the needs of maintenance or circumstances beyond our control.
Committing ourselves to our best efforts, we cannot be held responsible for any damage whatever its nature resulting from the website not being available.

9. Proving, keeping and filing
The databases kept in our systems in respect of the rules as regards security will be held as proofs of e-mail communications, subscription form sending and commentary posting. The filing of subscription forms is done on a data carrier the nature of which is accurate and durable according to the current legislation. It is agreed that in case of a difference between our online registers and your paper or online documents, our online registers will be authentic.

10. Personal data
Naturisme-tv.com protects the privacy of its users according to the current legislation. Thus Naturisme-tv.com has declared the collecting and processing of your personal data to the CNIL, the French National Committee for Data Processing and Liberties (receipt n°1378054).
The present Charter shows the respect of Naturisme-tv.com for your privacy and the protection of your personal data collected and processed when you use the website according to the rules set out in the Terms of Use. Our Charter may be updated to follow the evolution of our services and your rights. Any update will be explicitly indicated on this page.

By “Data”, Naturisme-tv.com means any information about you that you will voluntarily give us when you open an account on our website (“Account”) or that will be collected in the course of your using the website. The Data are thus both the “Subscription data” and “Usage data” such as described below:

Under the provisions of the French law n° 98-536 of 1 July 1998 transposing into the French code of Intellectual Property the directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases, CAMP HOT LANDES is the creator and owner of all or part of the databases making up this website. When accessing this website, you acknowledge that the data making it up is legally protected and, under the provisions of the French law of 1 July 1998 above mentioned, you are forbidden to extract, reuse, stock, reproduce, show or keep, directly or indirectly, on any medium, by any means or in whatever form, all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the databases of this website. You are also forbidden to extract and reuse repeatedly and systematically any qualitatively or quantitatively unsubstantial part when these actions obviously exceed the normal terms of use.

- The Subscription Data that you send us when you subscribe on the website via the Subscription Form is your username, password, title, surname, first name, birthdate and a valid e-mail address. This Subscription Data is not public. As a contributor to the website, you must make sure that your personal data allowing to identify you is accurate and complete. The personal data collected on the website Naturisme-tv.com will not be communicated to third parties. This data may be communicated only to fulfil legal obligations and regulations, or at the request of a government service or legal authority.

- The Usage Data is automatically collected when you connect to the website. This data alone cannot allow us to identify you. We may stock anonymous data about your usage of our website through the use of an automatic tracing device called cookie. In any case it is aggregated thus anonymous data.

Provided that the personal data collected on the Contact page is strictly used according to the functionality of this service, data collected on the Naturisme-tv.com website may be used for communication and public relations campaigns initiated by the company CAMP HOT LANDES

11. Purposes of personal data processing
The Data is processed only for the purposes listed below and more generally to comply with the current legislation applying to Internet technical providers.

Purposes of Subscription Data processing:
- This Data is necessary to create and manage your Account, to use the functionalities of our website and more particularly to comment and evaluate the videos;
- We do not use your e-mail address or any other information liable to identify you without your consent, except within the framework of a program or a specific function which you may activate or block. We can however use your e-mail address for communication and public relations campaigns initiated by the company CAMP HOT LANDES and you can then oppose this use.

Purposes of Usage Data processing:
- This Data allows us to make statistics about consultation of our web pages or possibly set access restrictions to some videos;
- These informations may be used to optimise the working of our website and improve its quality and the efficiency of our marketing and advertising campaigns.

12. Recipients of personal data
Your Data is intended solely for Naturisme-tv.com and the providers working directly on the management of the website. Nevertheless you are informed that it may be disclosed to third parties by operation of a law or a regulation or under a decision of an empowered statutory or legal authority.

13. Data security
Naturisme-tv.com puts a particular emphasis on the security of your Data. We implement every appropriate measure to limit the possibilities of loss, deterioration or wrong usage of your Data. However, you are informed that as of the deactivation of your Account, whatever the reason, the Data and the Materials associated to it will be kept for one year. After this period the Data and the Materials will be suppressed from our server and your username will be available again to any internaut who might want to subscribe on our website.

14. Your rights
Naturisme-tv.com informs you that you have a right to access, modify or suppress your Data within the framework of the current regulations. You can at any moment access and modify online the informations associated to your account. When you enter your username, you just have to click on the button “Login”. You can also ask about access, modification or suppression of your Data by e-mail through the Contact page of the website or by letter at the following address: NTV BP 100.77 – Biarritz Cedex.

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